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Microsoft Excel for Finance & Accounting


  • Excel 2010 or later edition
  • Basic working knowledge of Excel
  • Depreciation and common methods of depreciation
  • Basic knowledge of Finance like time value of money, compounding and discounting
  • Concept of NPV and IRR


Microsoft Excel has hundreds of functions and formulas to store, analyze, and alter data efficiently. However, no one really needs to know all of them to be able to work effectively on Excel.

In this course, you will learn key functions that are required most used by business users when they are working with their business data. These functions include finding, replacing, sorting, filtering, summarizing, and analyzing data. Additionally, you will also learn how to bring in a particular data against a specific row parameter from other excel sheets.

Who this course is for:

  • Accounting and Finance Students
  • Accounting and Finance Professionals


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