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Face Detection in Android


  • Android Studio
  • Basic Knowledge on App Development
  • Basic Knowledge on Java and XML
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Android Smartphone ( For Testing )


In this course, we’ll develop an android face detection application that lets you do detect human faces in an image. Everybody is using with Machine Learning in day to day Life. This course will help you to develop your very own application to detect face in image. We are going to use Mobile Vision API to achieve our goal .

We will develop the app to detect faces in image within an 1 hour time. It will be fun learning this course. Android Phones are most used in today’s world. We will be developing the app which will support Android 6 and upper version of Android. We will start with small piece of code and then see magic of face detector.

Who this course is for:

  • Who want to get practical exposure of Machine Learning in Android
  • Application Developers

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