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GDPR – standard data protection staff training




In this training, you will learn how a single staff member should protect personal data at work. Next to industry, country or even culture-specific norms on privacy, there is a universal standard to follow when you are at work.

This standard is now being set by the GDPR, the European Union’s regulation that is increasingly followed all over the world. The regulation and similar laws in different states require to train employees and associates, as the level of data protection depends on all staff members, including you.

We will start from scratch to clarify your understanding of what are personal data, what it means to process them and on whose behalf you act. You will learn what principles to apply, how to secure information and how to act in case a breach occurs. I will also cover providing information, collecting consents and handling data subject requests.

Having worked at the supervisory authority and carried out many data protection projects in national and international firms, now I tell what an every single staff member needs to know and follow in daily work. There is no time for theory and data protection is probably not the most important part of your job. But it is a part you want to approach efficiently, so privacy is respected and breaches are not likely to happen.

In case of legal proceedings or an inspection, the authority examines if you and your organization applied adequate measures to protect data. Also your clients might require your company to provide them with guarantees. Complete this training and start taking right steps

Who this course is for:

Staff members, employees and associates


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