Genium Microprocessor Knee


  • Computer and standard physical therapy textbooks


I get a lot of requests about providing more information on microprocessor knees and training. Otto Bock has got some great training videos that I think every physical therapist should watch.

I put them together in this course. Enjoy.

The Genium provides an intuitive, natural gait

The microprocessor-controlled Genium supports the natural movement pattern down to the details – without requiring the user to consciously control the joint. Everything happens in real time, regardless of the situation, and even forward-looking. This is made possible by the latest computer, sensor and control technology. The Genium responds intelligently to a wide variety of everyday situations. This is the closest a transfemoral leg prosthesis system has come to recreating a natural, physiological gait pattern.

Who this course is for:

  • Physical Therapisists, PT Students, Amputees, Prosthetists

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