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Learning the Basics of Java


  • No prior programming experience required
  • A PC/Mac with at least 30GB of free storage space and RAM of 4GB


Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world commonly used to develop web, desktop and Android applications. By learning Java you are placing yourself on the right footing to launch a stimulating, self-fulfilling career in software engineering.

In this course you will learn the absolute basic, fundamental aspects of Java – from installing the Java Development Kit and IDE to Java variables, Arrays, ArrayList library, Methods + Constructors, if/else/switch statements, Enums, loops and more. We will also create real life Java applications that makes use of some of these concepts including a Java calculator application and a Shopping List application. This course is taught in a step by step manner with you guided on every step of the way. In the future we will be adding more content to this course including lectures about basic Android Development.

By enrolling you will receive lifetime access to updates on this course at no extra charge.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Java developers who want to learn the basics in order to develop Java Applications
  • Those with no prior programming experience in Java and/or any other programming language
  • Java Developers who want to refresh their basic skills


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