Music production in logic pro x – Hip hop course logic pro x


  • Logic pro x
  • serato sample (free Demo version)


In this course you will learn everything on how to become a professional Music producer. I will Teach you all the shortcuts on how to create great music like your favourite producers also I will show you the best VST / PLuggins.

I have made this course under Two hours because when its to many hours you can loose focus. Follow me step by step and you will see results

  • Learn to produce quick and make your music sound professional.
  • Learn how to glide 808s like a pro
  • Learn how to record audio.
  • Learn how to write music and edit midi and audio.
  • Learn how to mix your songs like a pro so can be played in Clubs and cars
  • Learn how to use VST/Plugins

After completing this course you will be confident working with Singers and producers. You will have the skills to make music fast also know what sounds and loops to use and be confident. Becoming a Music Producer does take time to learn but in this course I will fast track you to become a Professional producer and show you all the skills.

Once you purchased this course message me, I will send you a link which will be in folder with the latest sounds and the best drums and loops for your music for free. I will send you all the latest loops and midi files which you will be saving Money on.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have a little experience in Music production
  • People who want to learn how to produce Hip hop music
  • people who want to remix songs

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