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Public Speaking For Startups! – Cure Stage Fright & Anxiety


  • Willingness to practice and complete all the exercises given in the course
  • Determination to step outside your comfort zone and embrace what will transform your public speaking ability


Updated January 2022

“I got on stage to speak for 45 minutes but after 15 minutes I was done. I could hardly remember exactly what I said. All I knew was that after those few minutes I was still shaking and trembling. Eyes were on me not knowing whether to clap or not. All I wanted was for the nightmare to be over! It did.”

Fast forward to today. I speak to audiences around the world in person and via video. I lectured in auditoriums filled with students, missionary tent meetings, workshops. seminars and small groups. The best part is that I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

In this course, I will be teaching the exact techniques that I have used to transform my life from someone who experiences embarrassing stage fright to a person who now enjoys and looks forward to impacting an audience. You will learn and more importantly be able to “Do” Public Speaking and enjoy it too!

The Modules Cover,

  1. How To Unlock The Public Speaking Ability Inside of You!
  2. Fear of Public Speaking – It’s Origin and Development
  3. Speech Anxiety – Internal Dialogue of The Anxious Person
  4. Public Speaking Tips – Internal Dialogue of Successful Speakers Public
  5. Speaking Anxiety – Top Tips To Overcome Stage Fright & Fear
  6. Speaking tips – Life Transforming Public Speaking Exercises How To Captivate An Audience Phobia of
  7. Public Speaking – Use The Ultimate Speaking Preparation
  8. Choosing An Engaging Topic – Top 6 Topics To Choose From
  9. Improve Public Speaking With ‘Superfoods For Public Speaking’
  10. Speaking With Confidence -The Secret of Practising

After learning and practicing what I have taught; you will come out a different person. I offer you a 30 Day – No Questions Asked – Money Back Guarantee which means if you didn’t get value from it – return it and collect your money. Plus inbox me and I will give you any one of my courses for FREE.

So sign up now – see you on the inside.

Boomy Tokan

Who this course is for:

  • Public speaking beginners or first timers
  • Those who are frightened to speak in public
  • Those who want to improve their public speaking ability

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