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Swedish Made Easy, Day 5 – Comfortable in 6 days


You should have studied the previous 4 levels before you start this one.


This is the fifth day of the 6-day program to learn Swedish alongside Shien. You follow her as she is learning and at this point you’ll understand and be able to make daily conversations completely in Swedish. 

Upon finishing day 6 you can take the SWEDEX test. This will give you an official certificate of your Swedish proficiency and you will be able to use to when you find work using your Swedish skill. Note however, that this course is created to make you independent in the Swedish language and not to study for a single test so I recommend you practice for the test as well when you’re done with day 6. 

Make sure you have already studied the previous 4 courses before you start with this one. They are all systematically built together.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn Swedish, and particularly people who need to learn it quickly.


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