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Where are you in your spiritual journey?


There are no required materials for this class. This course provides an overview of the first five chapters of the book, “12 Lessons – A path forward.” A copy of the book will be helpful, but not required.


This course will help students better understand basic concepts about religion and spirituality from a psychological perspective. This content does not promote any specific religion or theology, but explores ways to deepen our spiritual lives outside of religion. In this first class, we will review how we initially learn about God in addition to understanding that religion and spirituality are two separate concepts, there are many ways to God, and how we resolve conflicting beliefs in our spiritual journey.

Who this course is for:

This course is for people who have a passion to know God and want to further develop their spiritual lives. While religion is an important part in people’s lives, this material explores the question “Does spirituality exist outside of religion?” and provides a path forward no matter what a person’s personal belief’s may be


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